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Psst.. I heard that people can help by making a monetary donations? Can they?

Yes! Yes! They Can!

Your generous tax deductible donations will be used for food, medical supplies, veterinarian care, and any other cost associated with the health and well being of the rescues

Any Other Way?

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We are extremely grateful to the ASPCA© for their generosity but we are still operating on a shoestring. Please consider even a small donation for those llamas who have not yet found forever homes. Helping the llamas is something you will never regret.

The Summerlee Foundation Grant

Administered by HSUS: $3,000 Annie Lee Roberts Emergency Rescue Fund awarded to CRC


The primary purpose of the fund is to assist 501(c)(3) organizations and municipal animal care and control agencies, with the direct financial support for the care of animals who are victims of man-made disasters, cruelty, abandonment, and neglect. This may include general contributions or assistance with the purchase of cages, equipment, medical supplies and veterinary services.

The fund will also provide financial assistance to those qualified agencies that may have an unusual circumstance involving the rescue of animals the facility normally does not encounter.

Each funding request will be based on the completion of application form and direct communication with Melissa Seide Rubin the Vice President of Animal Care Centers and HSVMA. Requests from any geographic region are considered.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) will distribute the Annie Lee Roberts Emergency Rescue Funds thanks to a grant from The Summerlee Foundation based in Dallas, Texas.

Current News

Incoming Llamas! A new shipment of males is heading to Indiana from an intake center in Montana. These boys need homes! If you have an interest in them contact Deb Logan.

Have you seen me? Many llamas were sent to the Montana Large Animal Sanctuary with the belief that they would be well cared for. We are now receiving inquiries from concerned former owners regarding their welfare. If you are participating as an intake center, foster home or an adoptive home, you may be able to help. Individual llama information and photos can be found at The Lost Llamas. If you believe you have a match, contact Deb Logan with pertinent information.



ASPCA® Press Release: ASPCA® Provides $20,000 Grant to Southeast Llama Rescue Funds will help transport hundreds of neglected llamas from defunct Montana sanctuary to foster homes across the country.
Release date: February 3,2011. Click here to read the release in its entirety.

Southeast Llama Rescue Press Release: ASPCA® Provides $20K Grant to Southeast Llama Rescue, Inc. for MLAS Rescue Travel Expenses.
Release Date: February 5, 2011. Click here to read the release in its entirety.

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SELR acknowledges that this project was made possible through a grant from the ASPCA®