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Someone who really cares donated money to help feed me. But I worry about my brothers and sisters. Will you please donate and help them too?


fanny freida
Psst.. I heard that people can help by making a monetary donation? Can they?

Yes! Yes! They Can!

Your generous tax deductible donations will be used for food, medical supplies, veterinarian care, and any other cost associated with the health and well being of the rescues

Any Other Way?

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  • Vitamin B Complex (Injectible)
  • Vitamin A/D/E (Injectible)
  • Priobios - paste or granules
  • Dr. Pollards Herbs (milk production)
  • Strongid-C granules
  • Fenbendazole (crumbles or paste)
  • 2x2 gauze pads
  • FibRevive
  • Syringes (3 cc, 6 cc, 12 cc)
  • Needles: 1 x 18 gauge, 1 x 20 gauge
  • Non steroid antibiotic cream
  • Boxes of rubber gloves
  • Heavy duty hand shears
  • Ivermectin or Dectomax
  • Moxydectin
  • Antibiotics (Biomycin 200, Oxytet, LA200)
  • Weight tapes
  • CDT
  • Sterile disposable scalpels
  • Albon or Dimethox

The first two phases are complete.

What comes next?

The llamas have been transported to foster facilities. The Montana Large Animal Sanctuary is finally closed. Now the most crucial work begins. Veterinarians are being called in to to evaluate and treat the llamas. Foster center families are feeding and watching over the most frail. Llama rescues are searching for adoptive homes. Everyone is holding their breath and praying for the survival of these llamas who deserve so much more than life has given them. How can you help?

Donate! We know you cannot be here tending to the llamas but there are other ways to help. The llamas are feasting on enormous amounts of food and hay. Medical supplies are in short supply despite the generous donations from veterinarians and corporations. Rescue resources are depleted.

Donations of gift cards from any major feed stores, gas cards from nationwide service stations or monetary gifts either through PayPal or by check would be gratefully appreciated. If you prefer, the following vendors are offering special promotions and discounts on supplies which will be sent directly to llama rescue.

Questions? If you have questions or need additional information, any of the following individuals will be happy to help you.

Adopt! Ask any of the llamas and they will tell you that their greatest desire is to find a home where they will be loved and cherished. Be sure to visit the "Adopt" page for details.

Foster! The MLAS llamas are in foster homes but we are still overflowing with other rescue llamas who haven't found their forever homes. If a hands on approach is your style but you cannot adopt, then consider fostering. Just think of all the llama kisses you will receive as you watch the llamas blossom under your care.